Zionism and Hindutva, Two Sides Of The Same Coin

India’s Hindu nationalists and the Israeli right have a remarkable mutual affinity. When bombs rained down on Gaza in 2014, Israelis were seen famously picnicking on hilltops, smoking shisha, taking selfies, and cheering on the mass destruction of Palestinian lives and land. We need not look any further than fascist-supporting Bollywood celebrities, like Priyanka Chopra — who ​had Narendra Modi as a guest at her wedding and endorsed the Indian army, ​calling for an escalation of violence against Kashmir — to understand how deep anti-Muslim rhetoric runs in both nations.

Trump-Netanyahu “Peace” Deal Met with Global Resistance From Austin to Occupied Jerusalem —

While Trump seeks to characterize this plan as a “win” for the Palestinian people, the “Deal of Century” is a recycled approach that simply puts the American Stamp of Approval on the continuation of illegal Israeli apartheid, reimagined as formalized annexation. A “peace” plan that legitimizes and even expands the scope of Israel’s human rights abuses is no plan at all.

"Cracking India" to "Earth" — A Look at the India/Pakistan Partition Onscreen

The long-lasting treacherous and heart-wrenching effects of the India and Pakistan partition are embedded in the hearts of South Asians everywhere. Whether it was our grandparents or great-grandparents caught in the midst of British colonial sanctioned segregation, the violent legacy of 1947 and beyond comes with trauma, hegemonic nationalism, hatred, and religious-militaristic state ideologies.

The Long Standing History of Ahmadi and Shia Apartheid in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD — In the latest of mob attacks on minority Muslim sects in Pakistan, Sunni extremists demolished a historic mosque belonging to Ahmadis in the city of Sialkot. The plan was orchestrated by Hafiz Hamid Raza, a member of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Inshaf, during the night and early morning. No worshippers appeared to have been inside the mosque during the attack, and there have not been any reports of casualties.

Fear Begins For DACA Recipient: ‘I Started Worrying About My Status As Soon As Trump Was Elected’

On Tuesday morning President Donald Trump ordered an end to the Obama-era executive action, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which shields nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants who entered the country as minors from deportation. DACA protects “dreamers” from deportation, but also allows them to receive higher education, obtain a valid driver’s license, and legally secure jobs.

President Donald Trump Reinstates Anti-Abortion Rule Endangering the Lives of Women Globally

Conservatives welcomed a policy that prevents U.S. foreign aid from aiding nongovernmental organizations (NGO) that administer abortion services, distribute contraception or even advise patients on family planning. Trump has previously stated that he will appoint Supreme Court justices in favor of overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, potentially making abortion illegal in 33 states in America.

Girl, YES: 11 Feminist Achievements From Women of Color in 2016

Part of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), chairman Ing-wen was voted into power by a landslide, earning 56.12 percent of the votes,” Sakhuja said. “This committed woman transitioned from full-time law professor to head-turning politician in less than a decade. Spending the majority of her time in policy work, Tsai has been on the forefront of “two-state” research as well as being the head of the Mainland Affairs Council.

Saying 'All Lives Matter' Means You Don't Understand The Black Lives Matter Movement

Flashback to a few weeks ago: I remember scrolling through social media and noticing the same few people post their condolences for the police officers killed in the Dallas protest with the infamous hashtag #AllLivesMatter. My initial reaction was quick outrage, not because I don’t sympathize with cop lives, believe me, you and I both know a few bad cops don’t represent the majority, but because they had never taken to time to express sympathy towards the black victims of police brutality in the
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